Back in 2007 I listened to Maylene and the Sons of Disaster religiously as I fell in love with tracks such as “Darkest Of Kin”, “Dry The River” and my personal favourite, “Gusty Like The Wind”. It’s now 2011 and they just released, IV which, as you’ve guessed correctly, is their fourth full-length to date.

MATSOD softened their sound on this record making them more southern rock, instead of southern hardcore for which they’re known and loved. Dallas Taylor sings on every song instead of shouting his lungs out and the band has slowed down their pace and simplified their instrumentals. They’ve even slimmed down their line-up taking away their third guitarist.

Even though Maylene and the Sons of Disaster have changed from their once energetic style, and as long as you don’t compare it to their prior releases, this album is still catchy. That said I DO hope V doesn’t get any softer, but instead heads back in the other direction.

Track Listing:

01. In Dead We Dream
02. Save Me
03. Faith Healer (Bring Me Down)
04. Open Your Eyes
05. Killing Me Slow
06. Taking On Water
07. Fate Games
08. Come For You
09. Never Enough
10. Cat’s Walk
11. Drought Of ’85
12. Off To The Laughing Place

Run Time: 41:38
Release Date: September 27, 2011

Check out the song: “In Dead We Dream”