Binary’s brand new single “Prisoner” will be officially released on November 28th but in the meantime, the song has already attracted a lot of interest on the internet and radio. The band has a dark, sort of industrial feel to their music that is a little reminiscent of ’80s bands like the Cure and the late ’90s group Orgy.

“Prisoner” is dark and brooding sounding and you can definitely get that ’80s feel from listening to the song. Aside from capturing the essence of the band’s sound, it never quite picks up at any point, never going harder or faster or even softer and slower. “Prisoner” would probably be attractive to a hardcore fan of this genre, but a casual rock n’ roll fan probably wouldn’t have much use for this track. That’s not to say the song doesn’t have an audience; it’s just probably not going to be a very large audience.

Run Time: 4:34
Release Date: November 28, 2011

Check out the song: “Prisoner”