Lineup: Kill Matilda, Booze Cruise and Overtime Heros. The show was a collision of the Kill Matilda “Zombie Apocalypse Canadian 2011 Tour” and the “Booze Cruise” tour. The road dwellers collided at the month old venue, The Bombshell, for a night of punk and rock n’ roll.

About two hours after the doors opened the first band, Booze Cruise, got on stage and performed some Yellowknife punk rock. These guys had dirty, but catchy songs that caught the interest of everyone in the venue. What I personally enjoyed about Booze Cruse was the stage banter they had, quoting the television show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The four band members played till they had exhausted their energy.

Soon after the drunk cruise boys packed up and set sail the band Overtime Heros set up and jammed their punk tunes. I personally did not get into these five guys and their stuffed horse, but everyone else was intent and supportive of Overtime Heros’ live performance.

Finally, after 1 in the morning Kill Matilda set up on stage and got right into their songs. These guys and girl are one of the best unsigned bands I have ever seen live. Their raw performance filled the room with energy as they bashed on their instruments while vocalist Dusty Exner shouted and sang her lungs out. They played songs off their self-titled release and their upcoming album I Want Revenge. The new songs definitely overpower the older ones with better written lyrics and more solid guitar lines.

Alongside some great tunes Dusty had the banter down pat, explaining the songs and how to murder zombies. Kill Matilda had a punk rock/gothic vibe to them which was original. After finishing their set list, KM performed one last song prompting Dusty to get off stage and rock out on the floor looking as if she was having a seizure.

Check out the song: “PBJ”