goth rock


Well known for her voice in Mary and The Black Lamb, Lindz Riot is taking the reins yet again in her first ever solo effort “Schoolcraft”. Native to Canada, the classically trained vocalist and pianist draws new inspiration from nature, fantasy, trip hop beats, and symphonic orchestration. All while keeping the simplicity of piano driven pop ballads.

We made it to the eastern tip of Canada and back to southern Ontario with few problems other than the occasional horde of raving zombies that needed to be slaughtered. Little did we know that the near vehicular miss we had suffered in Montreal (see Facebook page for pictures of the car that drove up the side of our car and flipped itself but only damaged our car in a very minor way) was actually a hit; the rear axle of our touring vehicle had been cracked in the accident but didn’t break all the way until we were driving…

WATCH OUT CANADA! Rock band Kill Matilda are back with their new album, I Want Revenge, and blast through 10 tracks of grungy rock ‘n’ roll with a gothy twist. The music is simple… but the sound is raw. I like how they’ve brought back the solo bass parts, even if it’s not a complex riff. I thought those parts died in the early 2000’s, but Mykel Exner has proven me wrong. Also, the band brings back Dusty Exner’s spine-chilling, aggressive singing and shouting.

You see a lot of things, living life on the road as a band in a van. Some things are awesome, some things are not. Some things are all too common and we roll our eyes at them condescendingly. Some things are grotesquely unusual and our eyeballs pop out of our skulls. That’s okay though, because everyone knows blind people make better musicians. On our current coast-to-coast of this vast and godforsaken land called Canada, these are the places we have been and the things we have seen.