The newly spawned band Hail The Villain has been hitting the world hard with their album Population: Decline. To help spread their hatred unto the world, the band has released gnarly comics illustrating their devious story.

Volume 2: My Reward is a continuation of the story as begun inVolume 1: Take Back The Fear. Protagonist Drake Carter recovers after being run over by his own car. As he gets a grip on current events Drake remembers the seductive Thea Landa was driving his car, eager to strike him down. Alert again, Drake tracks down Thea, worrying about his family as they are unaware of the danger coming for them. Meanwhile, we get a glimpse of the darkest place where we meet a demonized man who states his plans concerning Drake, Thea… and another?

This continuation of the dark, Hail The Villain-created story, brings out new characters and information giving the reader greater insight into Thea Landa and the kind of life Drake Carter led before becoming a family man. This is the second of many comics to come from Hail The Villain so until the next volume… same villain time, same villain site!

Written by: Hail The Villain
Format/Length: Paperback, 22 pages.
Publisher: Villain Universe (January 18, 2011)

Check out the song: “My Reward”