In a musical climate where many bands rely on gimmicks, hype and super-technical feats of wizardry it’s sometimes refreshing to find a band that intentionally goes against the grain. Since 1988 the Los Angeles-based hard rock band, Rhino Bucket has been doing just that, by playing unpretentious hard rock that relies on grit, attitude and three chord progressions.

But this, Who’s Got Mine, is the band’s sixth release and it works so why change what ain’t broken? Despite the simplicity though Who’s Got Mine, this is a high-energy record that is packed to the gills with fun, catchy choruses all geared for one thing; kicking back and having a good time. This is good music for fun people so crank it up, crack a beer, kick back and enjoy yourself!

Track Listing:

01. Message In My Bottle
02. Lifeline
03. Back To Nowhere
04. Drive Thru Liquor
05. Who’s Got Mine
06. Her Way
07. Joke’s On You
08. Chase The Case
09. Hollywood And Wine
10. Something For Nothing
11. Rare Beauty

Run Time: 37:27
Release Date: February 8, 2011

Check out the song: “Lifeline”