Lineup: Symphony X, Powerglove, Blackguard and Borealis. This tour has seen it’s share of mishaps with Soilwork and Nevermore leaving before the adventure even started. Never the less, the three remaining bands packed up and hit the road. A week into the tour the trio stopped off at The Opera House in Toronto inviting local power metal band Borealis to share the stage with them.

Borealis were first up, playing songs from their newest album Fall From Grace. The crowd was really into them as fans and family came out to support the band. This was the final show for guitarist Ken Fobert so fans headbanged extra hard, rocking out one last time for the shredder. One of the biggest Borealis fans was up next with his mic in hand.

Paul Ablaze and his band Blackguard were up next, opening with their single “Figherfight”. Fans went crazy headbanging and pumping their fists. The band had a great stage presence with a killer female drummer and a vocalist with piles of energy which was transmitted to the crowd. Blackguard played a list of great tracks from their newest album Firefight then ended their set with their older songs. These guys, and girl, always put 100% into their live shows.

After the melting set from Blackguard, Powerglove came on with what Paul Ablaze calls “The soundtrack of our past”. Powerglove’s music is heavy metal instrumental covers of video games and show tunes. Metalheads rocked out to themes such as “Tetris”, “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” (Pokemon), “Metal Kombat For The Mortal Man” (Mortal Kombat) and other great tracks. They also wore some sweet costumes. They were like a nerdy GWAR but instead of alien costumes shooting blood they were video game warriors who threw candy. AMAZING!

Last, but not least was the progressive band Symphony X. You heard “Oculus Ex Inferni” play on the overhead and then the band got right into “Of Sin And Shadows”. The fans went crazy as the band played a few songs off their last album Paradise Lost, a few older tunes and two new songs, “End Of Innocence” and “Dehumanized”, from their upcoming album Iconoclast. These guys are true musicians. They’re all talented in what they do for the band, ripping up the stage with crazy riffing and great singing. They were a little short on stage presence compared to the openers, but were too busy going crazy to care. Everyone’s eyes were glued to Michael Romeo as he shredded like no man should be able to. The night ended with “The Odyssey” their 24:09 min track. What a way to end an amazing night of METAL!

Check out the song “Dehumanized”