Ride, Rise, Roar is a live DVD that captures David Byrne performing over a series of concert dates in 2008 and 2009. Byrne is a master performer and entertainer and his charisma and professionalism really shine through here on this disc. He’s also a consummate artist/performer and has received Grammy, Oscar, and Golden Globe awards and been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

This DVD is truly unique in that it’s not your typical live performance; as it combines the music of Byrne with a modern dance company resulting in a stage show that is visually stunning. The dancing is unlike anything you’ve ever seen; the dancers (all clad in white) perform dances that are bizarre at times, quirky at others all the while exuding an unbelievable amount of sensuality. Even Byrne himself takes part in the oddly choreographed set list.

Speaking of set lists there’s what I believe to be a perfect balance of songs both old and new. It goes without saying that some of the classic more popular Talking Heads songs such as “Once In A Lifetime” and “Burning Down The House” are included, but there are also many tunes I’d never heard, but totally enjoyed. I truly found myself totally immersed in and captivated by this DVD.

Ride, Rise, Roar is definitely not the usual rock/metal fare I’m used to reviewing for this magazine, but I can honestly say that it’s absolutely worth picking up. Fans of The Talking Heads or David Byrne will eat this one up. For those not familiar with Byrne’s work, go ahead and step outside the box and your comfort zone and check this one out. He’s a legendary performer that has been releasing fun, relevant music for decades.

Track Listing:

01. Once In A Lifetime
02. Life Is Long
03. I Zimbra
04. Road To Nowhere
05. One Fine Day
06. The Great Curve
07. My Big Nurse
08. Burning Down The House
09. Houses In Motion
10. Air
11. Life During Wartime
12. Heaven
13. I feel My Stuff
14. Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

Run Time: 87 minutes
Release Date: May31, 2011

Check out the trailer: “Ride, Rise, Roar”