Philadelphia’s Restorations offer 8 tracks on their debut full length, recently released on Tiny Engines, and although it’s a small dosage it keeps the demons at bay. The evils of imitation, the specters of sophistry, the phantoms of profit; all vanquished by 33 minutes of candid, honest and cathartic music. The sounds bristle and swell like breezes and all you have to do is appreciate it.

The release doesn’t blow you away, but it grows on you; comforts you and sends you off content. This band has promise, and this band has passion, but what really deserves attention is the unique delivery. Between the rustic guitars and the gruff vocals of Jon Loudon, Restorations have created a sound which (almost) rivals the unique punk/country mix of Lucero.

The best songs on the album – “West River”, “Neighborhood Song”, and “Broken Vacuum” – perfect that sound and remind you that “punk” – whatever that means these days – comes from the beating heart, not the palm-muting or suped-up mohawk. Restorations bring their brand of rustic-rock into the big leagues with this album, and the effect is successful, if only a little too subdued.

Track Listing:

01. Nonlocality
02. West River
03. Neighborhood song
04. Canadian Club
05. Val d’ Or
06. Sideways House
07. Broken Vacuum
08. When You’re Older

Run Time: 33:22
Release Date: March 22, 2011