The newest full length from Philly’s One Win Choice is a visceral beating; and you’ll enjoy it like the masochistic fiend you are. Or at least you’ll appreciate its energetic tempo and/or passion. Screaming, spluttering vocals beckon you, while melodic guitars dazzle the senses, oscillating from subtle peripheral riffs to mainline hooks that can’t be ignored.

The entire album plays effortlessly and cohesively, running away before you’ve even appreciated most of what’s being presented. One Win Choice definitely pull this one off as an entire unit and make sure it’s not just the occasional groove, but the complete album that succeeds. From start to finish, the only exception being the interlude of “A Convincing Argument Against”, Conveyor is a scrappy, driving effort taking a perfect hardcore formula and bringing it home with precision and consistency.

It’s not groundbreaking innovation; but as far as hardcore punk goes – before it turns into metal – this is almost as good as it gets. If this record stands as the bands conveyor to bigger or better things, then it’s completely deserved; a great effort that makes up for any lack of innovation with perpetual vivacity.

Track Listing:

01. Movements
02. Places
03. Who Threw Out The Itinerary?
04. Act Your Age
05. Paint Me A Better World
06. If Hell Existed
07. Frame Your Favorite Pictures
08. Where My Allegiance Lies
09. Ocean, Luzerne, Monroe
10. A Convincing Argument Against
11. Hands Over Hearts
12. Breathing Normally
13. Release Me

Run Time: 33:00
Release Date: 03.01.2011