Warriors are experienced in combat and/or warfare. As a band in the hardcore aspiring to rise to the top, you need to be strong and fight through the sea of other acts. American group, The Warriors, have been fighting (and succeeding in) this battle since 2002. Their latest assault comes in the form of the CD, See How You Are, and once again The Warriors will dominate your speakers.

When you hit play the title track “See How You Are” begins and is full of guitar drags and vocalist Marshall Lichtenwaldt’s amazing shouting – there’s no doubt who leads this army! After barely 2 minutes you’ll just want to punch away in anticipation. Following the intro the band gets right into what they do best, fast-paced, heavy and powerful riffs. The Warriors yet again bring their signature, older hardcore style, but successfully keep it all current with modern breakdowns. Sure each song may sound similar, but why wreck a good thing?

See How You Are is a step up from past efforts; a seemingly continuing trend for the band. This in mind, I can’t wait to see what they drop in a few years time. Hardcore fans of Arise And Ruin, All Out War, Snapcase and Dr. Acula will want to go nuts for The Warriors.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. See How You Are
02. The War Unseen
03. Seize The Day
04. Pit Of Shame
05. Mental Chains
06. Where I Stand
07. Here We Go Again
08. Subrise El Muerto
09. Panic
10. The Enforcer
11. Along The Way

Run Time: 33:00
Release Date: 02.15.2011

Check out the song: “The War Unseen”