Atlanta’s Campaign continues two traditions with their newest release: taking full advantage of the green-screen photo-op, and perfecting the extended-play. It only takes four songs to deliver like a full album (even if you end up listening three or four times in quick succession) and by that alone, Beetlejuice!X3 (my personal shorthand) is sheer brilliance.

These songs pick up where the others have left off, and there isn’t the slightest drop in tempo or effort; full marks across the board. “Old Mess” is arguably the best track, but it’s the eerie instrumental ending to “Old Thrills” which stands out most. Beetlejuice!X3 simultaneously polishes modern punk, suggests a developing sound, and instructs how to access a striped, half-dead psychopath! All of which sound pretty good to me.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Old Haunts
02. Old Thrills
03. Old Blues
04. Old Mess

Run Time: 8:57
Release Date: 02.08.2010