Only six days remain until GWAR unleashes their new album ‘Bloody Pit of Horror’ to the masses. Your Lords and Masters have deemed it necessary to let the human scum hear another track before the album is released, so they have allowed Revolver Magazine to premiere a new track from ‘Bloody Pit of Horror’. Starting today you can be one of the first to hear the blistering track “KZ Necromancer” at

When reached for comment GWAR lead singer Oderus Urungus had the following to say about the song “KZ Necromancer” and allowing Revolver Magazine to premiere it, “This is it, the sickest and my personal favourite song on the album…in fact this masterpiece of macabre metal about the sickening connection between Cthulu and the Nazi Death-Camp Doctors is maybe the creepiest GWAR song ever. From the deathly depths of the endless sea comes the KZ Necromancer.”

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