The thing with The Dissent of Man is that you should already know exactly what to expect of it. After 14 albums, Bad Religion has pretty much got their style perfected – it’s fast, it’s catchy, and it’s mad.

The writing on The Dissent of Man is solid across the board; fans of the band will find a lot of familiar sounding songs to love, such as standouts “Only Rain” and “Someone to Believe”. Of course, there are some missteps, like the awfully cheesy “The Resist Stance.”

Of course, that familiarity means this album isn’t likely to win over anyone that isn’t already a fan of the band, and it’s easy to imagine some people getting tired of the venerable band.

Anyone that considers them self a punk fan should definitely check this album out – the band has it up to stream on their MySpace page after all.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. The Day That the Earth Stalled
02. Only Rain
03. The Resist Stance
04. Won’t Somebody
05. The Devil in Stitches
06. Pride and the Pallor
07. Wrong Way Kids
08. Meeting of the Minds
09. Someone to Believe
10. Avalon
11. Cyanide
12. Turn Your Back on Me
13. Ad Hominem
14. Where the Fun Is
15. I Won’t Say Anything

Run Time: 40:51
Release Date: 09.28.2010