Episode Summary: ALLOY Hosts Matt and Ben went to Dallas, OR for a show that included bands from all over Oregon. In the case of Thorns of Creation, they drove in from Bend, OR. We had a sit down with the melodic death metal band just outside the venue in some nice, cool grass. It was summer at the time and there was no air in the venue. What we’re saying is it was hot as balls in that grange hall! Killer guys and thanks for driving like 4 hours to play the show. There were a bunch of other bands that were suppose to play the show and didn’t even try… *cough cough* ACCRUE! Great show, but it was hot as fuck!

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01. Covendetta – “Even You were Black and White in the Fifties”
02. Dusks Embrace – “Oracle’s Song of Unceasing Wrath”
03. Amerakin Overdose – “Dead Girl on the Dancefloor”
04. Hunab Ku – “The Ventriloquist”
05. Stillchyld – “On My Knees”
06. Oppressor – “Philanthropy No More”
07. Ironside – “No Intervention”
08. Super Happy Story Time Land – “88 Point 8 MPH”
09. SynSystem – “God is War”
10. New World Sinner – “U!”
11. Thorns of Creation Interview
12. Thorns of Creation – “Crimson Sky”
13. Proven – “Allegiance”

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