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Interview with Violent Soho frontman Luke Boerdam

Luke Boerdam vocalist for the band Violent Soho spoke to me from the road about their new self-titled release and what we can expect from the band in the upcoming year.



Luke Boerdam vocalist for the band Violent Soho spoke to me from the road about their new self-titled release and what we can expect from the band in the upcoming year. Violent Soho plan on spending the majority of the year on the road in support of the new disc. I would describe the band’s music as punk influenced rock and roll. No matter how you describe them though, this is a very good release and one that I have been spinning in my player for the last few weeks. Here is what Luke had to say.

Luke it is good to speak with you. Where are you guys at?
Luke: We are sort of on the border between New Mexico and Texas. We are playing in El Paso tonight and then Albuquerque tomorrow night.

How is the tour going so far?
Luke: It is going well. We have really enjoyed playing to the crowds.

Is this the first time that you have toured the States?
Luke: No, it is actually the second time.

Now that your new self-titled CD is complete how do you feel about it and are you satisfied with the outcome?
Luke: I am very satisfied with this record. We actually recorded these songs over and over again multiple times since the band was formed. However, I think they sound better because they were recorded in a proper studio as opposed to where we were used to record in garages and rooms and things.

Different groups have unique ways of writing their songs. How do you guys go about writing your music? Is it a collective effort or more the efforts of one member of the band?
Luke: I write the songs in my bedroom on the guitar and then I will slowly write the lyrics and come up with the structure. Then I take it to the band and the three of us rehearse it and work out the different parts.

I have to ask you, the name of the band Violent Soho is interesting to say the least. Where did it come from and what is the story behind it?
Luke: We originally never thought we would be touring America or any thing like that and it was just one of those last minute decisions. We needed a band name in like a week so we heard a song title and we liked it and then just added the word Violent in front of it and we thought it was a good description of the way our bands music sounded.

You guys are from Australia. In what way do you feel your national or traditional heritage has influence Violent Soho’s music?
Luke: We all lived on the suburbs together, we were all friends in high school. I think the music does somewhat sound Australian one because of the influences and two, because of where we grew up.

Do you guys get decent support from your home audience?
Luke: Yeah. Very good support. The best support. It is a bit different now that we are here in the States. We just try to keep in contact with as many people as we possible because Brisbane is definitely our home.

What song on the disc do you feel the most satisfied with?
Luke: I think the song would be “Muscle Junkie.” It was such a simple song to write and it just came out of me. It was really easy to lay down and record and has a lot all of the energy.

What is next for you guys?
Luke: We will be doing the South By Southwest shows and the day after that we will be leaving to hit the road with The Bronx for a month. We will be touring all over the place for the month and then we head back to England and Australia and then back to America again. We really concentrate on America. We want to go through it three or four times, over and over again to try and get some footing here. We really like America a lot because you can tour so much and there are such short drives between each city.

What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far?
Luke: That was playing with Spilt in North Carolina. It was our second to last night on the tour with them and it was the best show. They are one of my favorite bands and it was such an incredible show.

Any closing words?
Luke: Please buy the album!