Sing Along Songs For The Damned & Delirious is by far the most outlandish disc that I have ever had the enjoyment of listening to. I say enjoyment because as unusual as this disc is, it is incredibly fun and enjoyable to listen to. I think the best way to describe this CD from the Diablo Swing Orchestra is that of an eclectic combination of Swing, Heavy Metal and Opera. I realize that this mishmash might not sound like it would work, but I assure you that it works really well and the end result is a disc that is fun, full of energy and surprises… and quite honestly, is entertaining as hell.

I have always been fond of music that blends genres, is slightly left of center and defies categorization, especially if it is done well. Sing Along Songs For The Damned & Delirious fits the bill perfectly. While there are plenty of ballsy guitar riffs to satisfy the metal head in me, such as on “Ricerca Dell’Anima,” it was the unexpected opera vocals and brass band accompaniments that seemingly came from nowhere that made the songs vibrant and exciting.

At the end of the day, Sing Along Songs For The Damned & Delirious is a disc that caught me off guard with its unique blending of genres, but it is absolutely a CD I would feel confident recommending. The Diablo Swing Orchestra has successfully created a disc that is fun, infectious and well worth checking out.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. A Tap Dancers Dilemma
02. A Rancid Romance
03. Lucy Fears The Morning Star
04. Bedlam Sticks
05. New World Widows
06. Siberian Love Affairs
07. Vodka Inferno
08. Memoirs Of A Road Kill
09. Ricerca Dell’Anima
10. Stratosphere Serenade

Run Time: 48:16
Release Date: 09.22.2009