Mediocrity might be acceptable in a cheap early-morning cup of coffee, or maybe a hotel room, but not when it comes to art. Anberlin is a fairly mediocre band – albeit with a very talented lead singer. Still, that only goes so far. Ivoryline, on their 2008 full-length There Came A Lion sound like a mediocre version of Anberlin – a mediocre band. We’re getting into an exponential level of mediocrity here, and I just don’t have time for it.

Yeah, this sound is popular right now – the brand of post-pop-punk that so many from the Tooth & Nail roster have adopted to move records. It makes sense to strike while the iron’s hot and people aren’t putting much stock in what they’re listening to, but this lowest common denominator kind of thing isn’t what I’m after when it comes to music that’s going to keep me company during any part of my day and ultimately elevate that period into something better than it would’ve otherwise been.

There Came A Lion has its danceable rhythms and rhythmic breakdowns, neither of which are nearly as effective as they should be when done right. This style of music is wearing thin – like an old cassette tape that’s been played and played and played, the quality slowly degrading and the listen become less and less powerful.

A lot of the record is competent, but since when is that a desirable trait in art or entertainment?

I’ll admit this review almost feels lazy, but delving anymore into why this record is boring seems redundant. It sounds okay, the musicianship is okay, the singer isn’t bad, and the songs are easy to follow. But that’s about it. If you like Anberlin and would settle for a half-mast version to hold you over, be my guest. Otherwise, hold off for something better than mediocre.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Days End
02. We Both Know
03. Parade
04. All You Ever Hear
05. Be Still And Breathe
06. Remind Me I’m Alive
07. Left Us Falling
08. And the Truth Will End This
09. Bravery
10. Hearts And Minds
11. The Last Words

Run Time: 39:52
Release Date: 02.05.2008