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the Skinny: Sometimes the most powerful sound comes from being confronted without warning. It is that sobering first moment as the needle drops and you the listener find yourself thrown into a complete battle of the senses. Victor! Fix the Sun’s latest release, Person Place Or Thing, is just that type of confrontational piece. Honing their skills to a sharp razor’s edge, the band has vigorously set out to up the ante. Victor! Fix The Sun balance harshness and noise with ever-so-slight shades of melody. Over primal screams the band’s raw brand of stick-toyour-guts rock is filled with piss and vinegar. This might shock the system upon first listen but Victor! Fix The Sun have a tendency to soften the blow with careful attention to detail and the subtle art of dynamics. Person Place Or Thing is a striking deviation from the noise rock norm. You can call it hard-nosed math rock or angular post-rock but either way, the band is throwing out huge riffs that echo magnificently over a powerful vocal assault. Consider yourself confronted.  [ END ]

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