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Album Review

The Artist Life

Let’s Start A Campfire [EP] (08.11.2009)



After “starting some riots” across Canada, these punk rockers are calming down and instead starting campfires across this great country of ours. The new digital EP Let’s Start A Campfire is an acoustic version of songs off The Artist Life’s 2008 EP Let’s Start A Riot, but sung in reverse order.

When people think of an acoustic album they usually think of sappy music, but these guys are definitely not that. This album shows how The Artist Life can still be a true punk band while playing acoustic guitars. Songs like “Sleep So Sound” or “Let’s Start A Riot” are just as fast as the electric versions but at times some of the previous power chords are replaced with nice full chords adding a certain richness to the tunes.

The palm mutes in songs are kept in their place and also the solo in “Let’s Start A Riot” is still performed on an electric guitar. The one thing that is missed on this EP however, are the drums which are replaced at times with a tambourine. One of the great things about this album is that there appear a few cameos from friends that wanted to contribute their voices to the songs they have come to know so well. In true campfire fashion each song is made to be a sing along for those who know The Artist Life.

This is a great EP that makes you feel like you’re actually sitting at a campfire with The Artist Life, drinking some beers and singing their songs with a bunch of friends. Now before summer ends, everyone should go purchase Let’s Start A Campfire (and Let’s Start A Riot if they don’t already have it) and sing along to these five great tracks. Also, if you buy this digital release from the Underground Operations store, you will get a bonus song titled “Redemption Song Cover.”  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Beach Towns and Foolish Clowns
02. Let’s Start A Riot
03. Sleep So Sound
04. You’re Not Fooling Anyone
05. The Last Time

Run Time: 16:23