Who let the beasts out? Hailfiring from Guelph, Ontario, Arise And Ruin have recently released their beast of a new album Night Storms Hailfire. Having already toured across North America a few times, dealing with many mishaps along the way along and losing a guitarist, the undeterred Arise And Ruin got right back into writing and vented it all into 11 tight songs.

Being a follow up from their last record, The Final Dawn, the band have returned with many of the same elements as those that went into their previous work. Nevertheless, they also made some changes ultimately moving this recording outside their usual formula. Their song, “A Heavy Dose” for instance, continues their heavy style while being performed at a slower pace than what we’ve been use to from this band.

Also they added an instrumental track named “The Aftermath” which leaves you missing Ryan Bauchman’s vocals until the next track, “Brothers In Arms”, starts up with a big crowd chant going on. If you like ‘core’ bands, then you’ll for sure enjoy the crowd chants. Finally, in the song “Bring The Rain” there is a simple but catchy guitar solo performed by Brent Munger.

The only way to make Night Storms Hailfire better would be by seeing a live performance where the band could translate the record and demonstrate the energy behind each song. This record will appeal to fans of deathcore, metalcore and hardcore and specifically to fans of DevilDriver, The Red Chord, A Perfect Murder, or Walls Of Jericho. A solid effort worth owning.

Track Listing:

01. Forever Damned
02. Bring The Rain
03. Doom Sentence
04. Thrashburn
05. A Heavy Dose
06. In Death
07. The Aftermath
08. Brothers In Arms
09. Night Storms Hailfire
10. This Is War
11. The Long Haul

Run Time: 42:17
Release Date: 02.17.2009

Check out the song: “Forever Damned”