I can’t help but think of a cheesy make out session throughout this whole album and laugh. I think Lyle Workman, who pretty much owns this whole album, worked his magic not only on the music, but possibly on the ladies, back at his crib, know what I’m saying? Er, anyway, back to the music.

It’s got that old school 70’s vibe to it, with a funky flare, and Shaft like sound to it. It flows easy into each track and makes you want to get high. I can’t believe I just wrote that!

A compilation of tracks heard throughout the movie and possibly the newest rendition of funk you’ll hear nowadays, Kyle totally pegged funk, right down to its love songs. We can’t forget to mention appearances on the disc by The Bar Keys, Curtis Mayfield, and Rick James to name drop a few.

You can listen to it and appreciate it for its comedic relation to the movie or you can totally hate it. You decide.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Super What? – Lyle Workman
02. Too Hot to Stop – The Bar-Kays
03. Seth Pulls Into Lot – Lyle Workman
04. Cops See Fogell’s ID/Seth Saves Evan – Lyle Workman
05. Do Me – Jean Knight
06. Flashback Party Weekend – Lyle Workman
07. P.S. I Love You – Curtis Mayfield
08. Evan Runs – Lyle Workman
09. Sleeping Bags – Lyle Workman
10. Like A Pimp – Lyle Workman
11. Here I Come – The Roots f/ Malik B. & Dice Raw
12. Seth Runs on Track – Lyle Workman
13. Bustin’ Out (On Funk) – Rick James
14. Evan’s Basement Jam – Lyle Workman
15. Roda – Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66
16. Goldslick/Seth Fantasy – Lyle Workman
17. Soul Finger – The Bar-Kays
18. Funk McLovin – Lyle Workman

Run Time: 52:55