Realize Your Sin is the third release from New York based rockers The Energy and hit shelves on March 31st. The bands bio describes them as a “throwback to the likes of U2, Live, Rush and Journey” and I believe that description is dead on. The Energy combines a progressive and at times Indie musical style with easily approachable, highly melodic songs that are quite enjoyable to listen to.

Many of the songs are a bit on the mellower side but the tune that stood out the most to me on this record is “Sixteen Brothers”, mainly because it is a bit heavier than the other tracks on the CD. This tune contains some very cool, very tasteful sounding lead guitar lines and definitely has influences of Rush running through it from the timeframe around Signals.

I am not certain that The Energy has created anything genre defining on Realize Your Sin, but they have constructed a decent collection of tunes that are enjoyable to listen to and that sort of grow on you the more you hear them.

As many of you already know, I am very into the production side of CDs I review and I really dig the production on Realize Your Sin. This CD sounds great, everything is clean and bright and sounds as if a great deal of time was taken getting the instruments in their place. At the end of the day, this album is a solid, well-written rock record that is worth checking out.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Lights
02. The Constant
03. Devil On Horseback
04. Realize Your Sin
05. Sixteen Brothers
06. Jericho
07. Dancing In The Groove
08. Confide
09. Wild Dove
10. Say Goodbye

Run Time: 46:11