What more can be said about the second full length album Reflections from North Carolina metal band, Seneca, than “DAMN!” This is their first album release with Lifeforce Records and it is amazing. The disc was released in two forms-a normal pressing and a special limited edition pressing with a second disc which is their first album.

Unlike most hardcore/metal bands of today, Seneca keep a sense of softness to their music (see tracks like “Illusions” and “Reflections”). They keep you on your toes throughout all 11 songs; one is always wondering what they will do next. Frontman Corey Spencer goes between soaring roars to a voice that carries along the song. The guitars have a classic hardcore metal sound to them and they add even more melody with keyboards (something most hardcore metal bands do not make use of).

When listening to Reflections, you will come to wish that they made the songs longer and/or that the record would have more than just 11 tracks. I was left wanting more music. I also really love the fact that Seneca didn’t soften up or lessen their hardcore sound; like many hardcore bands seem to do once they get signed on to a larger label. By sticking too their roots, it shows that not only do they have talent, but that they know what they like and what their fans like. Which I find highly respectable.

If you are a fan of metal and/or hardcore music, I think that this may be the album you have been waiting for. It is very enjoyable and you will even want to replay some of the songs as soon as you are done hearing them for the first time. You will find this album in high-rotation on your playlist.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Optical
02. Palehorse
03. Black Gold
04. Carousls
05. Birds
06. Illusions
07. The 29th Day
08. Creator
09. Your Heart In My Hands
10. Names And Faces
11. Reflections

Run Time: ??:??