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Album Review

Operation Aloha

Self-Titled (05.12.2009)



The all-star cast of Operation Aloha is preparing to release their self-titled debut on May 12th. According to the press release this disc is the product of, ‘14 musicians (including members of Maroon 5, Gomez, Phantom Planet, and more) took a month away from their full schedules and flew to a Maui, Hawaii to live in a tree house compound.’ The result is a beautiful combination of Hawaiian laced Blues Rock that is the perfect soundtrack for a sitting on the back porch with your favorite alcoholic drink of choice, while maxing and relaxing.

In all honesty, Operation Aloha is a really good listen. I especially like it because I am a fan of projects and music that are a bit outside the box and a little out of the ordinary, and this fits the bill perfectly. Plenty of cool, laid-back, at time hypnotizing grooves, with tons of melody and interesting instrumentation make this disc really flow well from one track to the next.

I really liked “Rain,” the combination of the slide guitar with subtle Hawaiian percussion and vocal chanting just drew me in and once there I was hesitant to leave, I was digging it that much. Other songs worth mentioning are “Blue Eyed Son” and “Secret Song,” both of which I feel really embody what this project is all about, the melding of very different musical genres by a group of stellar musicians.

But by far the song that stood out the most to me is “Akoha,” a part psychedelic, part jam band tune that surprises at every turn. At the end of day if you are looking for good music that is slightly off the beaten path then Operation Aloha will be right up your alley. For me it is a nice diversion from the metal world.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Ika Pono
02. Failure
03. Elephant Pharmacy
04. Phone Booth
05. Disappointed Type
06. Rain
07. Secret Song
08. Hat
09. Intercepted
10. Blue Eyed Son
11. Akoha
12. Waltzing Matilda
13. That Pier
14. Bonus Track

Run Time: 59:59