After over a decade in the music business the South Florida based band New Found Glory are still pumping out amazing new music. Their latest offering, Not Without A Fight, stays true to their roots and is a finely-crafted pop punk, masterpiece of a record.

Everything that fans have come to expect from New Found Glory is in here; moreover every song is radio friendly. Lots of guitar-driven, hook-friendly tunes with great big choruses and gang vocals. From the very first track “Right Where We Left Off” the listener is greeted with an exceptionally well-produced, extraordinary sounding record. Start to finish the band holds nothing back as they lay down their trademark infectious grooves combined with catchy riffs and emotionally laden vocals.

Not Without A Fight is the bands sixth release and it is good to see them improving on an already good thing. The songwriting has matured and in the tradition of the great songwriters, the band has crafted a series of tunes and stories that the listener will immediately identify with because of their universal familiarity. The songs are built around the complicated relationships each one of us experiences on a regular basis. This is especially apparent on the tunes “Listen To Your Friends,” I’ll Never Love Again” and “Don’t Let This Be The End”.

Bottom line, Not Without A Fight is a great record from a great band that we are sure to see lighting up the charts in the very near future. Pick this one up, you will dig it.

Track Listing:

01. Right Where We Left Off
02. Don’t Let Her Pull You Down
03. Listen To Your Friends
04. 47
05. Truck Stop Blues
06. Tangled up
07. I’ll Never Love Again
08. Reasons
09. Such A Mess
10. Heartless At Best
11. This Isn’t You
12. Don’t Let This Be The End

Run Time: 36:07
Release Date: March 10, 2009