Disturbed are a well respected member of the metal community. These gentlemen have had FOUR best-selling records in the first 8 years of their outstanding career: Indestructible is possibly their most successful album to date.

The music on Indestructible is exactly what any Disturbed fan (I know… that sounds funny) would expect. Hard-hitting guitar riffs, up-beat kick-ass drumming, excellent bass riffs that might cause your head to explode, and fucking crazy vocals that have the power to rip your soul from your body and dangle it in front of your vacant emotionless face ALL run rampant throughout the duration of the album. Don’t believe me? Listen to them when you are stoned off your face.

The second track on this crazy-rip-your-soul-out-of-your-useless-body-CD is their MEGA hit known as “Inside The Fire”. Don’t get me wrong, this song is pretty good, however in my opinion it’s the most dull piece of shit that comes from this album. Perhaps it is simply just overplayed and I have lost interest in said tune, but If you like their single then you will love the rest of the album; considering the rest of the album is so much BETTER than this one tired tune.

I will finish this review by simply saying if you don’t like Disturbed then you are one different individual. Most likely you dislike them because they are “mainstream”. I believe that is a load of bullshit. They have worked hard for their accomplishments and deserve recognition. Their music has changed, but it is progression over time that makes a good artist and good music (as a drunken Mr. Gonda once told me). Therefore, mainstream or not, they are amazing musicians. Indestructible is an album for the ages, check it out or I’ll deliver The Fire!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Indestructible
02. Inside The Fire
03. Deceiver
04. The Night (w/o Intro)
05. Perfect Insanity
06. Haunted
07. Enough
08. The Curse
09. Torn
10. Criminal
11. Divide
12. Façade

Run Time: 49:16