Ah, what could have been for Eisley.

With the band having more releases than I can count already under its belt, I’ve been wondering for years why Eisley hasn’t become a household name. The beautifully haunting vocals of the sisters Dupree combined with some elegant instrumentation in a stripped-down, indie recording style seemed to me like a guaranteed formula for success. Tracks like “Telescope Eyes” and “Marvelous Things” wouldn’t sound out of place on radio or as the backing track to a lousy episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Combinations is by no means a flop of a release; however, it doesn’t pack the initial out-of-the-gate punch as some tracks from the band’s back catalogue. That doesn’t bother me as a fan of the band—or fan of music in general—except from the apathetic perspective that tells me a band that’s been this good this long should be headlining international tours, not supporting bands they can outperform on a nightly basis.

The vocal performances on Combinations are as stunning as ever, and perhaps more mature. “Invasion” is a great example of how the band can blend honesty with some naked hooks for a stripped-down, yet still successful pop formula.

With all of the hype that’s been surrounding independent acts like Feist and Spoon, it’s absolutely mind boggling to me why Eisley has remained such a well-kept secret, especially considering their consistency in releasing records as strong as Combinations. I’m sure their fans don’t mind, though. I for one would rather shell out $15 to see the band in a small venue than have them opening for Alanis Morrisette at the Air Canada Centre. That said, those lucky enough to find this release should relish in its low-key brilliance while they can; although if history repeats itself, fans will have another killer record in a couple of years that only the devoted few will be able to celebrate.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Many Funerals
02. Invasion
03. Taking Control
04. Go Away
05. I Could Be There For You
06. Come Clean
07. Ten Cent Blues
08. A Sight To Behold
09. Combinations
10. If You’re Wondering

Run Time: 37:05