This disc could so be the soundtrack to Common Grounds Skate Park. It’s fast, and exactly what the title says, Modern Primitive Punk… the title does not lie! Clearly it can be classified as dirty punk, or even old school punk, and also retro punk, and if we were to insert it into a timeline, it would be after the Clash and just before Rancid.

Of 22 total tracks, some snippets of random demos, and 14 decent songs, KCUF put out a record they wanted to. During the under 1 minute “tracks” you can tell not only how random it is, but how much fun went into making the disc. I wonder if they were super drunk like PGA owner Chris Gonda gets on the weekends?

Ok despite the title, and I know I’ll get flack for this one by PGA co-creator Aaron, but track 8 “Cockstar” is my favourite just because of its intro. “As a singer I feel that singing is overrated, so there are no words on this song, make up your own words fuckers.” Could that not be more random? But that’s not all… this debut album is full of random studio frenzyness and some remixes that clearly interrupt the album’s flow.

This is an album for the kid who mosh’s in their own room cause they are too chicken shit to do it at a real show, or it’s their practice mosh album. It’s pretty trashy, and the vocals are pretty darn heavy too.

Instead of adding the randomness to the CD, it would have been a bit more wicked if it was on a DVD and you could see what they were doing, i.e. belching, and random demoing.

It may not win any Grammy’s or a World Music Award, but it will win over fans. If you’re not into old school punk then borrow this CD, or sample some tracks on or Give it a chance, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you may even enjoy it. It’s a fun album in a “had to be there” funny way. Some people will get it and some won’t, oh well, to each their own.

6.511 names spelt backwards out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. P.R. Song
02. Jelly Tub
03. Snowboard Freak
04. Every Second
05. 5th
06. 5th (DJ Starscream Remix)
07. Cockstar
08. Bad Poem
09. Dredful
10. Iron Priest
11. Deadlights
12. Ferral Kid
13. Josh
14. Man’s Ruin
15. Goldfish
16. Goldfish (DJ Starscream Remix)
17. Chained
18. Bloodbath
19. Red Sabbath
20. More Blood
21. Cullin Callen’
22. Chester Monkey Dump

Run Time: 23:16