Sound the Alarm is Saves the Day’s sixth studio release and they still “can’t slow down.” (A joke for you actual Saves the Day fans). Their latest CD is nothing less than what you expect from these guys. The singer is still writing his emo-esque lyrics, and can still pull them off with his incredible vocal range. The music is tight, with the drumming more complicated and filled with fills (gotta stop with the word play). The guitars sound heavier as well, and don’t have the almost-ska sound that the past albums do.

While we’re reviewing a band that actually focuses on singing, I’m going to talk about the lyrics, something that I don’t get to do much writing for, for a site where most of the vocals are growls and such. Lead singer Chris Conley is still ripping the vocals; I’ve always found him to have one of the best voices in the emo/pop-punk/whatever you want to call it scene.

Sound the Alarm has lyrics dealing with death, suicide, disaffection and even mutilation. (“Cut off my legs when you tell me to walk, slit my own throat when you say to talk”, “I’ll carve out my lungs and it’s all just to see you again, I’m sick in my gut from the poison I drank to forget” are just some examples). However, as dark as these themes sound, the music behind it all gives it the same Saves the Day feel that so many have come to love. Although it sounds a bit heavier, it is still just as catchy, and I was sucked into this album my first listen through.

It’s hard to pick a favorite song when a lot of them are just so damn catchy. So I’m not going to!

What I really liked about this album is how Saves the Day show that they can still keep delivering good music, even to their oldest fans that have no doubt discovered heavier music and may now see this genre as pussy rock. Instead, Saves the Day show that they still have balls, as this album definitely packs a punch. What they lack in “heaviness” they make up for in creativity and effectiveness. The band seems to know what sounds right where, and after being around since their teenage years, it’d be surprising if they weren’t able to do that.

I’ve actually been anticipating this album, not because I’m such a huge fan, but because I wanted to see if STD can still pull it off. And yes, yes they can. When I got this album I probably listened to it for about two weeks straight, because it was just so easy to get in to. The first song catches on to you and the last song lets you go. That’s the way an album should be, and that’s what Saves the Day have learned to do after so many years. I give this album 9/10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Head For The Hills
02. The End
03. Shattered
04. Eulogy
05. Dying Day
06. 34
07. Say You’ll Never Leave
08. Diseased
09. Don’t Know Why
10. Sound The Alarm
11. Bones
12. Delusional
13. Hell Is Here

Run Time: 33:04