Up here in the “Great White North”, Vulpine, from the Brutal One Records family, has been getting some air time on some of the bigger radio stations. Their album, Channels can be compared to Linkin Park material minus Mike Shinoda. The difference? Linkin Park focuses on more than one concept. Don’t get me wrong, I love this CD; in fact, it has been in my truck’s CD player for a good two weeks now. The thing is that Vulpine, you are way too worried about the opposite sex. You could probably keep the girl if, well you stop writing such hopeless lyrics. Here are some lyrics concerning their battle with lust:

I need more of your drug to change me
I could give everything to get you closer
Swimming in you I’m drowning (Okay, to be honest, I swooned just a bit at that line)
Like who else am I supposed to be with you
I can’t live another day without you
Wasted and broken when you’re so far away
Every time you fade away, I dilate (dilate?? Honestly.)
I wait for you everyday but you don’t hear me

They are like the zitty ex-boyfriend with the massive overbite that you just can’t seem to shake. They’re the type that would make you a mixed tape when you break up with them. That’s the problem, they always win you over. Instead of the mixed tape, they won me over with their hard, angst-driven sound. Though the lyrics sound desperate, the underlying tone of the music is “I’m going to kick your ass if you don’t love me.” Secretly, I love them out of fear, fear for my life if I don’t like them. Women are sure to love it because of the poetic love-sick lyrics that are so sweet it makes you want to throw up. Men, too will love it, not necessarily for the same reason, (though I won’t judge you if you do) but because of the 40 minutes of hard-hitting, ass-kicking rock melodies.

However, I would like to be serious with the boys from Vulpine for just a moment. On the inside of your CD there is a picture of the band. I’m sorry, but are you airbrushed? I don’t know how to tell you this without hurting your feelings, but mean hardcore rockers don’t have to be “pretty.” It might sound cliché and like something your mom would say, but, it only really matters what you sound like. You are not on the cover of Cosmopolitan, though it might help your chances with this girl that EVERY song is directed at. But alas, I will not judge you on your love life, but on the jingle in your jive when it comes down to it.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Magic Space
02. Miracle
03. Landing
04. Planet Earth
05. Machines Planet
06. Message From Space
07. Parallel World
08. Traveling Through The Universe
09. Delusion
10. Free Feelings
11. UFO Contact
12. Magic Space (Radio Edit)

Run Time: 41:37