As you lay there on the piping hot sand just a few metres away from the calm sparkling ocean, the sun’s beautiful rays wrap your body in a tingling blanket of warmth. You are relaxed and at peace with your surroundings, and furthermore with yourself. This my friend is sunny Florida, and this is paradise.

Unfortunately however, Florida’s coastal locality subjects the state to frequent unpredictable and even violent weather. And as you lie on the beach in your tranquil semi-meditative state, you are suddenly torn from your peace by a fierce storm of furious fretting, deafening drumming, sonic singing, and general musical overdrive. Amidst this melodious commotion, you are forced to grab your towel, run for cover, and take refuge inside until the storm passes. As the tempest finally wanes and calm once again returns to the area, you realise that this was no natural storm, but rather the colossal whirlwind of excitement that is currently following melodic hard rockers Shinedown all around the country.

It was during the early part of 2001 that the musical Gods shone down on Jacksonville, Florida and sparked life into the aforementioned storm. Ever since that fateful day, Shinedown has been getting bigger and stronger, wreaking havoc all throughout the United States. Amazingly, within roughly a year of their formation, Shinedown had already gotten themselves to a point in their career that they were catching the eager ears of numerous different record labels. Constantly working on their music and frequently playing local shows, it didn’t take the group long to find a home, for in early 2002 (remarkably only a year after they came together), Shinedown inked a contract with music label giant, Atlantic Records. Within no time these four musicians blasted over to Los Angeles, hit the recording studio, and began preparing work for their debut disc. Frivolously writing and recording crazy new material, all the while being aided by renowned producer Bob Marlette (Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, and Saliva) the group eventually selected twelve fantastic tracks, finalised the album, and in May of 2003, released “Leave a Whisper”.

Clearly, whatever the band accomplished in the studio worked for them, for after the initial release of “Leave a Whisper”, album sales have continued to climb relentlessly. Having now sold over 900,000 copies (yes they’re almost certified platinum), it’s safe to say that Shinedown is doing fairly well. Furthermore, having teamed up with New York based management company, In De Goot Entertainment (ironically also representing Saliva), the band’s career has thus far been meticulously cared for. The Shinedown seed has been given all the proper growing conditions and as a result, has germinated into a budding music phenomenon that is now topping charts and selling out shows everywhere.

Other than the continued efforts of their management team, Shinedown has certainly also been privy to such high levels of success due in large to their general optimism and extreme devotion to their music. These four bandmates are also good friends, and together comprise one seriously intense workhorse whose sole goal is to succeed; ultimately building for themselves the best careers and futures possible. Needles to say, the countless hours of jamming and practicing have begun to pay off as the band’s childhood rock star dreams have started to come true.

Having grown up constantly surrounded by music, each of Shinedown’s members undoubtedly has different musical influences and inspirations. This in turn, inadvertently brings to the group’s music a wide arsenal of possibilities and diversity. Offering a unique blend of hard rock which ranges in style from the classic rock n’ roll sounds of the Led Zeppelin era to more modern aggressive rock/metal acts the likes of Staind and Tool, Shinedown has managed to create a remarkably versatile new sound. This aggressive and innovative musical style is also infused with tremendous vocals as well as the group’s very own zest for life. As a result, Shinedown’s songs are inspirational, motivating, and more importantly, highly addictive. Now, as the band is currently preparing to release their second full-length album entitled “Us and Them” (out in October), one can’t help but wonder just how much the group’s storm-like following will continue to grow and develop in the near future.

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