If you are a fan of metal at all, then by now you have heard (or at least heard of) Killswitch Engage. You might also have known that in 2003, shortly after recording their second full length album “Alive or Just Breathing”, due to personal reasons, then lead singer Jesse David made the decision to leave the band. This was a shock for the group and a difficult decision for Jesse, especially since then band was just beginning to break out and had a pending tour.

Nonetheless, two years have passed and everyone has moved on. Killswitch Engage is still going strong, and having acquired Howard Jones as their new lead vocalist they recently released a third disc entitled “The End of Heartache”. Meanwhile, Jesse David has finally reemerged on the music scene fronting an awesomely talented hot new group by the name of Seemless. The group is comprised of four members: Jesse David (vocals), Pete Cortese (guitars), Jeff Fultz (bass), and Derek Kerswill (drums and percussion), and finds its home in Providence, Rhode Island. The group only just formed and released their debut self-titled album as recently as January 25, 2005.

For many people it was a sad day when it was announced that Jesse was leaving KSE, but it has only proved to have been a good thing for both parties involved. Jesse is back and is better than ever. Although Seemless is a drastically different sound from his previous band, Jesse fits in perfectly. This is not only an unbelievable group with tremendous promise, but it has also proved to be a great spot for Jesse to unleash the awesome potential of his true vocal abilities. He is now more than ever being tried and tested as a singer and is certainly winning the battle. He is an incredible vocalist and it is nice to hear him sing more rather than constantly scream his lungs out (although he still does once in a while).

The band sounds great and their debut release offers eleven highly attractive tunes. If you are at all interested in bands such as: Audioslave, Soundgarden, or Big Wreck, then you will most certainly also like Seemless. The group is consciously keeping somewhat of a low profile, but this by no means indicates that they should be off of your musical radar. Seemless is sick and should be heard; check ‘em out immediately!

Check out the song: “Lay My Burden Down”


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