You’re an artist. You want to reach hearts and minds. You want to make people feel your music.

You should use the limited time you have to create and craft your art. You don’t want to waste that precious time begging an ever-shifting sea of profiles and inboxes for attention. You want something to show for your time and money; you want your hard work to be recognized and promoted.

These are the problems V13 Promotions solves for you. Trust our team of accomplished writers and music industry veterans; with 20+ years of industry experience in journalism, promotions, and events, we are uniquely suited to boost your signal. We’re here… For you to be heard.

Promotional Services

Promotional Services:

Media Blast (Mini Release)

Typically to make large announcements, such as album releases or tour news, this is the key way to get your music on the music world’s radar, and to get your name in people’s mouths. The digital media industry is built on a complex network of constant traffic, and with all that noise, you need to have a message with punch and reach. Leave it to us to craft that crucial copy and send the message out on our large, global newswire.

This item includes:

  • Email consultation
  • Creation of 1-2 page Press Release from scratch (includes high-quality photos, with leading headline, informing summary, and deep dive quotes)
  • Inclusion of the Press Release on V13 Promotions Newsroom
  • Inclusion of the Press Release in’s News section
  • Distribution of the Press Release to Media Contacts and newswire including over 15,000 recipients and 9,500 outlets globally. (This number runs even higher should we start to specify the campaign by genre or vertical.

Starter Bundle

A Lá Carte Services:

– Press Release
– Professional Bio
– Media Kit (EPK) Creation & Hosting
– SoundCloud/YouTube Hosting
– Paid placements

A Lá Carte Services

Starter Bundle:

Everything you need to get started as an artist/creator. If you’re looking to get a comprehensive package that is going to get you off to the quickest start, this is your best
option. To get noticed, you need to make waves (easier said than done). Thatfs why we’re here. This package has it all: punch, reach, and impact – all from the ground up. This is
also a great option for established artists who want to reinvent, reframe, or refresh their promotional game.

This item includes:

  • PR Consultation & Customized Strategy (for first release)
  • Press Release/Media Blast (for first release)
  • Professional Bio
  • Media Kit (EPK) Creation & Hosting
  • SoundCloud/YouTube Hosting
  • Unlimited PR Q&A

Also link to Dawn’s site for other services:

Link to Dawn’s site for all the extra services we offer via her.

All packages and services are completely customizable based on each client’s needs. To receive a customized proposal for your project it is advised that you book a discovery call to chat about your needs! If unable to book a call, please send a detailed email to

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