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Razor & Tie has signed Emerson, Lake & Palmer to an exclusive new multi-year, multi-rights licensing deal for North America. Razor & Tie will re-issue ELP’s prestigious back catalogue with the first release, ‘The Best Of Emerson Lake & Palmer: Come & See The Show’ available now for purchase. The best of, 14-track compilation includes some of the band’s most beloved compositions including “Lucky Man,” “From The Beginning,” “I Believe In Father Christmas,” and the full 9-minute version of the classic, “Fanfare For The Common Man.”

Clay Withrow, guitarist and vocalist for the Oklahoma based rock act Vangough, took some time out of his schedule to speak to me about his Mesa Boogie Road King Amplifier – the one piece of gear he uses to obtain the band’s trademark classic rock/progressive rock sound. Their newest release, Kingdom Of Ruin, is a concept album that really runs the gamut of musical styles. Here’s what Withrow had to say.

This is another disc I could add to my CD shelf labeled, “Anti-Insomnia”. It’s real good music for putting you to sleep, yo! With such a screw-the-rest-of-the-world kind of name, a casual observer might go, “Oh, another run-of-the-mill death/black metal band.” But Cynic is really a had-been progressive tech death band, and they play friggin’ prog rock now.

Hemisphere Of Shadows is the latest release from Portland, Oregon-based progressive rock and rollers Danava. These guys play a brand of music that is reticent of old ’70s stuff laced with extended jam sessions. The old school sound accented by some truly remarkable guitar playing gives this group a unique edge that is more than enjoyable to listen to. Guitarist and vocalist Greg Meleney took time to answer some questions about the writing and recording that went into making Hemisphere Of Shadows.

This newest installment of The Classic Albums Series takes in in-depth look at Rush and their two classic releases 2112 and Moving Pictures. Both of these records were influential in defining the progressive rock movement in the ‘70s and ‘80s. The trio of amazingly talented musicians, (Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart) has withstood the test if time and they have been releasing cutting edgem relevant material for more than three decades.