I first listened to La Dispute’s Wildlife on a cold, rainy night at 1 am. I was a fan of their previous songs, and looked forward to finally getting a chance to hear the latest album. What I love about La Dispute’s sound is the feeling that is conveyed through vocalist Jordan Dreyer’s voice. Each word that he sings is pronounced with such a strong sense of emotion that it hits the listener full force.

The song “The Most Beautiful Bitter Fruit” had me pressing replay constantly simply because it was brilliantly composed. This song changes from fast and slow tempo, matching the pain that is recited in Dreyer’s vocals. The lyrics are excellently written, reflecting the style of popular spoken word poetry. It is both artistically and emotionally engaging, a combination that much recent music lacks. The song is a fusion of alternative rock and beat poetry, a mixture that is rarely experimented. The connection between the lyrics and the musical delivery is amazing, as I felt I was on a literary journey throughout the duration of the song. La Dispute captures an ambiguous sound that cannot be pigeonholed into a particular genre, proving them to be one of the most brilliant yet underrated bands of today.

Run Time: 3:56
Release Date: October 4, 2011

Check out the song: “The Most Beautiful Bitter Fruit”