As stated on their Facebook profile, Denver/Fort Collins, Colorado-based quintet Allegaeon are a “Modern Melodic Death Metal… NOT METALCORE, DEATHCORE or any other CORE.” That said, it’s exactly true and nothing less or more than what you’ll encounter on the band’s soon-to-be-released Metal Blade Records effort, Elements Of The Infinite. Due out on June 23rd, Allegaeon are in top form with this new release, as easily evidenced by their new single, “1.618.” Recently we got the opportunity to exchange emails with guitarist Mike Stancel who was kind enough to tell us about his Maxon OD808 overdrive pedal and some of the recording behind Elements Of The Infinite.

Baltimore, Maryland death metal miscreants, Misery Index, dropped their latest slab of beefy beats dubbed, The Killing Gods, on May 23rd via Season of Mist Records. Reviews have been pouring in and praise remains high for this quartet’s newest slew of tracks. Recently, we were able to email some questions to guitarist and vocalist, Mark Kloeppel, in order to get better visibility into what gear he considers to be key, and how it was used during the recording of The Killing Gods.

The much-hyped group Bloody Hammers has already begun some intense promotion in light of the pending June 10th North American release of their new album Under Satan’s Sun (Napalm Records). Featuring 10 new tracks teeming with the band’s signature concoction of heavy rock, which boasts everything from gothic and psychedelic rock to doom and stoner metal, this recording is already looking like it may come in as the band’s best to date. We chatted via email with lead vocalist and bass player, Anders Manga, about the key gear he used to create the band’s wickedly fuzzy sound on this new album.

The Liverpool, UK-based doom trio Conan is quickly gearing up to release their sophomore full-length, Blood Eagle, on February 28, 2014 via Napalm Records. As is to be expected from the group, this new record is slow, brooding, fuzzed-out, and mega fucking intense. In order to bring you some insight into the band’s signature sound, we asked guitarist and vocalist Jon Davis some gear-related questions in an attempt to pick his brain and determine just how the hell these guys sound so damned heavy! Check it out.