The Royal Arch Blaspheme are one of those bands that will make underground metal fans jump for joy. Featuring members of Profantica and Krieg, the group play a style of filthy, blackened death metal that sounds like it leaped straight from the bowels of hell.

Guitar virtuoso and devil-do-all Misha Mansoor caused quite a stir with Periphery’s self-titled debut. They’re seen as one of the leaders of the so-called djent genre. Let’s see whether he’s able to maintain his position as one of the leading djent minds with the release of the second Periphery record, simply entitled II.

Today the fine folks at Gun Shy Assassin play host to an exclusive premiere of “Nuclear Self Eradication” from UK-based experimental progressive metal outfit Xerath. “Nuclear Self Eradication” is the eighth track off the band’s upcoming new studio offering ‘II’, set for release in North America via Candlelight Records on May 3, 2011. You can hear the song RIGHT HERE.