From sunny San Diego, California, emerges Shining Through, a three-piece pop/rock band led by singer and songwriter James Clelland. On July 24th, via Authentik Artists, the group released its debut EP entitled Stripes. The EP consists of five solid tracks that really take the listener through an open look at Clelland’s life and his surroundings.

Dave Brockie is also known as Oderus Urungus, the outrageous, over-the-top front man of the equally outrageous heavy metal band Gwar. For years now Brockie has pushed the limits with the band’s live show and has always taken entertainment value to the next level. For his first foray into the fiction realm Brockie carries on that same tradition of shock and awe.

The Dears have always seemed to hover around a certain point; bright, slightly melodramatic rock that’s steady, but never quite phenomenal; always solid, but rarely exceptional. Their early years developed a dark and moody sound, which matured into their acclaimed second album No Cities Left. The third record was nearing brilliance, but fell just short of perfection, while the fourth was essentially only one amazing track. That’s a reductive summary, but it’s accurate.

In Vancouver resides an artist named Maqlu. She’s best known for doing remixes for bands such as Jakalope and Left Spine Down among others. When she is not doing remixes she works on her own material, which she has recently compiled into her first official release, and EP titled Blood.