In Vancouver resides an artist named MaQLu. She’s best known for doing remixes for bands such as Jakalope and Left Spine Down among others. When she is not doing remixes she works on her own material, which she has recently compiled into her first official release, and EP titled Blood.

Having existing access to the necessary technology, MaQLu got straight to work mixing down slow deadly beats that seep into your head. Once the music is inside of you it courses through your veins filling you with its dark mood. After settling into the songs, MaQLu surprises you with some vocals; adding meaning and depth to each and every track. The music is slow but effective, like a virus in your system.

MaQLu has put her heart and soul into this first release, Blood. Hopefully she doesn’t wait too long before making a follow up to this EP. Fans of The Rabid Whole, Jakalope and Left Spine Down will want her music coursing through them.

Track Listing:

01. Writhe
02. Wounded Animal
03. Poison Their Well
04. Move Through Me
05. Trouble Thing
06. OS Invidus

Run Time: 29:40
Release Date: April 30, 2010

Check out the song: “Writhe”