It’s not often that bands come around who can push the both their own musical limits and a genre’s sonic capabilities quite like Hopesfall. All with the same goal in mind, the band has brought influences and concepts from all regions into the music they lay out. Appealing to fans of heavy music with heavier guitars on their new album Magnetic North, they have also continued to keep their melodic tones with trippy guitars and soaring lyrics. Continuing to push the limits of the music scene, Hopesfall is gaining a larger fan base each day giving them the potential to be the next heavyweights of the hardcore and emo worlds.

So what happens when a friend tells you about a band and the show stopping performance they laid out earlier in the week and your boss emails you asking you to write an article on them!? Last week Straight Goods was a band in my music knowledge as someone I had “heard of.” Being away from many local shows for a while, it has taken me away from hearing bands with as much raw energy as these guys. Combining edgy punk with brutal hardcore it leaves room for nothing but a massacre on stage.

Both a pick up line and a group of “dudes” you probably drank with last weekend, Hello Beautiful is coming out of the Caledon, Ontario scene to give you and everyone you know the clap. (Taken from their song “Do You Have the Clap” or “Does the Clap Have You”) Watching this band form, it never occurred to me that it would ever become something as big as it recently has.