It is impossible to find a band nowadays who isn’t trying to put across a certain message. Whether it is love, friendship, heartbreak or basically any human emotion, you can find bands writing about it. But very few bands come along and deliver a message of self-reliance and empowerment, and deliver it with a hard hitting and passionate album to back it up. With a handful of life stories and an impressive resume of mixed fighting and acting, Johnny Strong; the brain child behind Operator uses their new album Soulcrusher as an output for his theory of life today. Armed with a well put together album, new music video and tour dates with Buckcherry and Sevendust, Operator is the next best thing to come off of Atlantic record’s line up since Jewel.

The band’s name was taken from a documentary on a downed helicopter in Mogadishu (later made into the movie “Black Hawk Down” which Strong had a role in). Along side that, Strong has also appeared in other movies such as “Get Carter” and “Fast and the Furious,” giving himself all around talents. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Strong began training in music and martial arts at the age of 7. Teaching himself the guitar, drums, bass and various other instruments, Strong has always been a gifted songwriter, using music and life experiences as an influence towards his writing which he moulds into a personal message with nothing but raw emotion to back it up. Furthermore, a near death experience during high school left Strong with a distrust towards most people; something which he learned to channel into his music and band.

Operator’s first recorded songs were found on their self recorded album Can You Hear Me Now. The band sold the album over the internet which made many various record companies throw up offers, including Atlantic Records. By late 2005 Operator was in the studio recording Soulcrusher. With the help of Paul Phillips (ex Puddle of Mudd) and a few line-up changes the album was dropped in 2006. With influences ranging from Guns ‘N Roses to Lynyrd Skynyrd, the album tries to keep and old-school rock feel without being dated. Providing gut-wrenching rhythms with intense melodies Soulcrusher has the right attitude you’d expect from Operator. The album reveals the band’s true abilities with a variety of moods and settings. From the title track which provides an intense and echoing chorus to more melodic parts which takes away the focus of the music and helps you fully hear and understand exactly what Strong has to say.

From martial arts fighting, to song-writing Johnny Strong has lived his life to the fullest so far. Not letting anything hold him back he has managed to secure a band of talented artists and get down on paper exactly how he sees the world. You may disagree with his views, but that’s never going to stop him or the band. But despite the overall view of the group, Operator is forming themselves into what may be the last thing to save good and honest music.  [ END ]