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Nicolas Michaux x Adam Green Premieres Cover of Cult Classic “She’s an Easy Rider”

Belgian songwriter Nicolas Michaux releases his cover of the 1971 cult classic “She’s an Easy Rider”. Check out the video here…



Nicolas Michaux
Nicolas Michaux, press photo

Out on Capitane Records, Nicolas Michaux pays homage to one of his influences in the form of the new single “She’s an Easy Rider.”

Following the success of previous single “Chaleur Humaine,” which aired all summer on national radio station France Inter and was selected as a favourite by French-speaking public media, the Belgian singer returns this time with a re-adaptation of the song by Tucker Zimmerman released in 1971 on the cult album Songpoet.

Returning to the music of Zimmerman following the birth of his daughter in 2022, the Belgian singer gives his thoughts on the song:

“I see this single as a tribute to the women in my life and women in general. I am convinced of the profound necessity for them to live freely now, they who have lived within constraints and whose bodies have been controlled by the opposite sex for so long. “Father don’t deny your daughter her own highway” is a phrase that resonates strongly with me, it’s almost like a mantra that I try to keep as a guiding principle in my role as a father.”

The track is accompanied by a video clip directed by Kevin Antoine, who had previously directed “Amusement Park” for Michaux, a cinematic work in its own right, more akin to a short film than a clip in the strict sense.

Nicolas continues to explain how the recording came about: “It was like a calling, I had a few days outside of the world, and I thought I should seize the opportunity. In a few hours, I found a rhythm and a tone that suited me, and I quickly recorded the version of the song that you can hear today.

Ted Clark and Morgan Vigilante placed the bass and drums a few weeks later at Free House, our studio in Brussels. I finished the keyboard and guitar arrangements last summer with Kevin Antoine and François Dubois while we were working on the concept for the music video.”

Nicolas Michaux “She’s an Easy Rider” Single Artwork

Nicolas Michaux “She’s an Easy Rider” Single Artwork

Nicolas Michaux will be supporting Adam Green on tour at the end of March for three dates in Europe: London Earth Hackney (tonight, tickets still available from here, Paris and Berlin. He will then fly to New Orleans for a month, where he will co-produce Irma Thomas’ new album with Ben Chace and the Faithful Soldiers of Love. He will also be in concert at Amsterdam’s Paradiso on May 3.

A new album is due for release in September, with a release party scheduled for October 16 at Le Botanique in Brussels. For more information, head over to Nicolas’ Official Website here.

Nicolas Michaux Tour Poster 2024 Artwork

Nicolas Michaux Tour Poster 2024 Artwork

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