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Caity Baser Parties Hard at the Leeds O2 Academy [Photos]

Southampton pop rebel Caity Baser kicks off her UK tour with a massive party in Leeds. Check out the review and photos here..



Caity Baser
Caity Baser, photo by Graham Finney Photography

Southampton pop princess Caity Baser kicked off her UK tour in style at Leeds O2 Academy as the rising star of British pop proved she knows exactly how to party hard.

Kicking off her UK tour, judging by the energy fizzing from the stage, it becomes very obvious, very quickly, that the pop favourite knows how to work a stage. From the moment she kicks and punches her way through the huge backdrop, the only moment Baser sits still on the stage is between songs.

Before we get onto the songs, lets talk about the set. It’s colourful, loud and in your face, essentially the epitome of Caity Baser. As for the songs, they’re just pure modern pop. Easy to digest, colourful, loud, in your face… there is a pattern forming here.

Baser herself is a ball of energy. Clearly loving being back on stage for her first headline show in ages, she bounces about the stage owning every inch of it. Much like a female equivalent of Yungblud, it’s hard to know where to look when Caity is in town and it’s hard not to leave the venue completely hooked.

Songs like “Grow Up” are typical modern day pop fodder – relationships, love, romance, social media and they’re delivered by a true modern pop star. Her intro bellows out “Fuck Caity Baser” at the start of the show, there are a thousand or so fans in here who may scream that at the stage but for the next sixty minutes or so, they lap up every moment of this show.

Here in Leeds, Baser partied hard to kick off her UK tour and, if any festival promoters were watching, she showed why she would be the perfect slice of rebellious, rowdy, colourful pop for your line-up this Summer.

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