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Lori Triplett Refocuses with Her ‘When the Morning Comes’ Album Premiere

Singer-songwriter Lori Triplett is offering you a big serving of hope with the premiere of her new album ‘When the Morning Comes.’



Lori Triplett, photo by Taylor Christian Jones
Lori Triplett, photo by Taylor Christian Jones

For Lori Triplett, it’s an exciting time, but it’s also a time for catharsis and peace of mind. The Nashville singer-songwriter will release her new album, When the Morning Comes, on March 1st. Ahead of its release, we are pleased to help unveil the album today by offering you your first listen.

Her third proper record is a collection of songs she has been accumulating for a few years now. With time to focus and reflect, she has produced a very thoughtful piece of work here. The album is intended to be a dose of empathy for anyone looking for some. It’s an offering of hope to listeners going through tough times, something Triplett can relate to. Her mother and the health problems she was experiencing provided a lot of inspiration to Triplett in the writing of this album. Her mother’s strength and resolve motivated her to make this her most enveloping work yet.

Although based in Nashville, Triplett is originally from small-town Ohio. Her roots have been a huge influence on the direction she has taken her career. Focusing on those small-town values, she has relied on her heart to guide her forward. Rather than worry about how to write, how to sound, or how to be an artist, she has relied on her foundation to guide her. Since her teenage years, when she started to write songs, Triplett has had a firm sense of what’s important to her. That down-to-earth approach makes her an artist easy to like. There’s no pretentiousness, no inflated sense of self-importance, just heart and will guide her way forward.

Along with the premiere of When the Morning Comes, Triplett joins us today to discuss the album at length. She elaborates on its recording process, the musicians who contributed to it, the vision she had for the album, and more.

My Journey That Led Me Towards When the Morning Comes:

When the Morning Comes was written and recorded over the course of the last few years, starting around the pandemic, and is my third independently released full-length album. The songwriting covers topics about the human experience like love and loss, disillusionment with humanity, standing up for yourself, learning how to let go, the places you go to cope with your troubles, the immortality of loved ones, and the importance of doing what you love and telling people how you feel about them.

I’ve released several singles and EPs more recently, but this is the first album I’ve put out since my 2009 record, Safe Place to Land. I’m really proud and excited to finally be sharing this with my listeners. I was really fortunate to have this album partially funded by them. As an independent artist, the costs of recording an album are pretty extensive and daunting. So I’m honoured that so many people believe in my music enough to have gotten involved in helping me make this album happen.

The recording process was incredible, as I had the opportunity to work with producer Paul Moak and his team at The Smoakstack in Nashville, where I reside, which included engineer Zack Zinck and production assistants Brendon Hapgood and Samuel Hayes.

This album is the first time I was able to record my music live in studio with a band, so it was a great experience doing that alongside some of the town’s best musicians like Julian Dorio (drums/percussion), Charlie Lowell (piano/accordion/B3/keyboards), Matthew Pierson, and Kevin Whitsett (bass), and then of course Paul Moak on guitar as well. They learned my songs on the spot and recorded them shortly after first hearing them. The musicality on this record is a huge testament to their talents and contributions in helping me bring these songs of mine to life. I felt like they genuinely cared about the album as much as I do. That really goes a long way when you get to work with people like that.

I really struggled to have a clear vision on what this album should be, both thematically and sonically. The only way I have of understanding why that may have been is because life has been pretty tumultuous over the past several years. I had been laid off during the pandemic, and my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, which was a life-changing thing for my whole family. I got back to work and was working a ton to get back on my feet. Then I eventually left to start my own business so I could continue pursuing my music career in the ways I need and want to. So there was just a ton of emotional noise and distraction surrounding me during the creation of this. It made it really difficult for me to truly focus on it the way I wanted and get a vision for the project.

I think I only truly knew what the album was about after we finished tracking it and I could sit back with it and reflect on it a little more. I realized the songs were sort of little snapshots of my life over the past few years and my struggles to keep my head above water in a lot of ways. And I feel like all of us have been through so much the past few years.

So when it came to deciding on a title for the album, I landed on When the Morning Comes. It is part of a line from a song on the album that says, ‘Well they are things worth fighting for when the morning comes.’ It just felt right and to me, that’s what I want to leave my listeners with on this album. That no matter how difficult life gets, it’s always worth trying again and fighting through it to get to the next day because there is always hope to be found when the morning comes.”

Lori Triplett ‘When the Morning Comes’ album artwork

Lori Triplett ‘When the Morning Comes’ album artwork