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Gaby Jogeix Premieres New Single and Anti-War Anthem “War”

Madrid-based singer-songwriter Gaby Jogeix premieres the video to his dramatic new single, the anti-war anthem “War” here.



Gaby Jobeix
Gaby Jogeix press photo

Madrid-based multifaceted singer-songwriter Gaby Jogeix returns today with a timely new single, “War,” lifted from the upcoming album Smile to the Clouds, due this February. Drawing from a myriad of influences from rhythm and blues, soul, pop and rock, “War” is a stark reminder of hope, empathy and the collective strength of the human spirit.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Gaby explains:

““War” is another powerful, uncompromising song I felt compelled to write, given our current state of affairs. It tells the story of Alina and Anna, a Ukrainian mother and daughter who fled Kiev and were taken in for 5 months in Madrid by myself and my family.”

Gaby Jogeix tells how the story evolved into the dramatic new single:

“My long-time collaborator, Jeff Espinoza, after hearing that I had agreed to take them in, sent me some ideas the next day. There was a song in there, I thought and the lyrics came to me. The stories of families being separated breaks my heart. The stories are devastating and it was impossible not to help those that need our help. I would like them to do the same for my family if I were to be in a similar situation. War is not the answer. War is not the way. It should never be the way.”

The single is lifted from Gaby’s new album Smile To The Clouds‘ an album written in collaboration with American musician Jeff Espinoza and produced by veteran Columbian / Spanish producer Juan Guevara.

To pre-order your copy of the album or to find out more information, head over to Gaby’s official website.

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