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Annie Scherer is Stunning on New Single “Aludra”

Annie Scherer is wowing audiences yet again with her latest release single, “Aludra,” written along with Grammy award winner Nick Guttmann.



Annie Scherer
Annie Scherer

Annie Scherer is wowing audiences yet again with her latest release single, “Aludra.” Scherer wrote “Aludra” with Grammy award winner Nick Guttmann (John Harvie, Knox, Hayden Joseph). The song was produced by Kelly Cole, mixed by Tyler Callahan and mastered by Grammy award nominee Sam Moses (Billy Ray Cyrus, Emily Weisband, Maddie & Tae). This is Annie’s first release since her recent social media momentum, with a viral reel reaching 1M views and content collaboration with Bryce Vine.

Dark-pop Nashville artist Annie Scherer comes from the small town of Voorheesville, NY. Her musical influences are apparent in her compositions in which she combines her love for rock n’ roll icons, such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, with her passion for alternative artists like Lana Del Rey and Lorde.

Annie opens up about the inspiration behind “Aludra”:

“‘Aludra’ is about a love story that crashes and burns. My co writer, Nick and I wanted to write a song that painted a clear picture, so we drew a metaphor connecting the story to a star that shines so brightly, it dies out. The title, Aludra is actually a blue supergiant. We had to do conduct some research on astronomy to come up with it.”

In 2023, Annie won runner-up in Lightning 100’s Music City Mayhem competition in Nashville out of 430+ entries. The finale included a live performance at 3rd & Lindsley. Following the competition, she performed at Musician’s Corner, an annual mini-festival series in Nashville.

Annie released her first full-length album, Garden Bed, in 2021, which was entirely self-written and self-produced. The album was widely praised, including a feature in American Songwriter. A month after its release, Annie was voted the best local musician in New York’s Capital Region, according to readers of the Albany Times Union.

In 2018, Annie was awarded the Producer’s Choice for the “Celebration of MusicPBS special in Troy, NY. She won a trip to LA where she was taped performing “Andy Warhol.” Annie’s musical career began at age six when she started classical piano lessons. She devoted 12 years to classical performance. Additionally, Annie is a classically trained vocalist, visual artist, and film editor.

Annie Scherer “Aludra” single artwork

Annie Scherer “Aludra” single artwork

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