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Kelsey Hickman Rocks with Her “American Boy” Single & Music Video Premiere

Country rock artist Kelsey Hickman premieres her new music video for “American Boy” from her new ‘Lights Out’ EP.



Kelsey Hickman
Kelsey Hickman

For some artists, country and rock couldn’t be farther apart, but then, for others like Kelsey Hickman, it’s practically one and the same. Grab a listen to her new single, “American Boy,” and you’ll see what we mean. Today, we help unveil the single’s accompanying music video. It’s certainly got that Southern rock spirit, with thrashing country rock guitars and a fist-pumping chorus.

“American Boy” is one of the five tracks you’ll find on Hickman’s debut country rock EP Lights Out, due out on February 16th. This EP is the product of the work she put in with Don Miggs, a producer who has helped hone the sound of legendary acts like Mick Fleetwood and Tower of Power.

Commenting on “American Boy” and its video, Hickman states:

“‘American Boy’ is a rock song, but the music video is country as hell. This is my favourite fast track on the EP because it’s basically a reminder that the girls can keep up with boys.”

In 2022, Hickman began working with Miggs, and her musical career trajectory changed. He helped her in reinventing and refining her sound, adding some more rock and some edge in, while maintaining her authenticity. After releasing her debut solo album Gypsy in 2016, Hickman began to more fully embrace her love of vintage rock n’ roll. It now feels more like Southern rock than traditional country.

Lights Out has an honesty and a vulnerability to it, speaking to the type of artist Hickman is. She hopes that her music can act as some level of inspiration for her listeners. Inspiration in the sense that it may help a listener feel ok about embracing themselves and their feelings. Her lyrics are raw and delivered with conviction. With Lights Out, Kelsey Hickman has arrived, and she knows exactly the type of artist she wants to be.

Kelsey Hickman “American Boy” single artwork

Kelsey Hickman “American Boy” single artwork