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Feyleryn Unveil New EP ‘Starlit Chronicles’ via Freska Music

Producer, composer, and electronic artist Feyleryn has unveiled their brand New EP ‘Starlit Chronicles,’ via Freska Music.




In the realm where music meets fantasy, the enigmatic artist Feyleryn has released his latest EP, Starlit Chronicles, via Freska Music. This musical journey promises to captivate audiences with a spellbinding fusion of ethereal, electronic, and folk influences.

Intriguingly, Feyleryn’s musical odyssey transcends traditional boundaries, offering a breathtaking blend of traditional and synth instrumentation. Inspired by a diverse range of genres, each track within Starlit Chronicles weaves a captivating fantasy narrative, drawing inspiration from ancient mythology, imaginary worlds, movie and video game soundtracks, and the enchanting narratives of fantasy literature.

From the majestic grandeur of “The Cathedral,” featuring Lars Are Nedland, to the introspective allure of “Wanderlust” and the cinematic echoes of “Defiant Overture,” groove textures of “Nordor’s Deep,” and the ambience of “Soll,” each track unveils a new facet of Feyleryn’s musical universe.

Feyleryn seamlessly oscillates between the ‘poundingly heroic’ and the ‘reflectively ambient,’ creating a sonic tapestry that invites audiences to embrace timeless values and foster a deep sense of connection with the enduring human spirit.

Starlit Chronicles Track Listing:

1. The Cathedral feat. Lars Are Nedland
2. Wanderlust
3. Defiant Overture
4. Nordor’s Deep
5. Soll

Feyleryn ‘Starlit Chronicles’ EP album artwork

Feyleryn ‘Starlit Chronicles’ EP album artwork