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Brad Stank Releases His New Single “In The Midst of You”

Soul singer-songwriter Brad Stank has revealed his brand new single, “In the Midst of You,” the title track to his new album.



Brad Stank, photo by Corey Rid
Brad Stank, photo by Corey Rid

Today, Brad Stank delivers his sultry new LP, In The Midst Of You, to the world. Never lacking in the romance department, the record is velvet-soft, with Stank’s heavy voice providing just a touch of contrast as he sings about love, sex, and tears. The record’s focus track happens to be its title track, “In The Midst of You,” a soulful number that sees Stank and his band share a tender embrace.

Stank shared his thoughts on the song, saying:

“Lyrically again, almost a reminder, ‘it’s only for a while,’ of the impermanence of all things; a similar message to George Harrison’s ‘All Things Must Pass,’ etc. I love Joe’s piano playing on this one. The end section is one of my favourite parts of the album, or of anything I’ve done. It’s the truly romantic side of the ‘in the midst of you’ idea. Inspired by a gospelly instrumental Marvin Gaye deep cut. This one goes from quite a dark and eerie-sounding first half to the uplifting and gospel sound of the outro, a real journey! Musically and lyrically encapsulates the idea of the whole album, really. I hope it gives the album a joyous-sounding ending.”

In support of the LP, Stank recently announced a series of “in-store” UK tour dates, where he will be playing shows at a group of record stores across the nation. Since then, he’s also announced a group of traditional tour dates, spanning the EU alongside the UK. His full list of upcoming concerts can be found below!

Brad Stank wants you to talk less and love more. A sensei of the slow jams, this sexistentialist-pop bohemian writes jazz-leaning twilight ruminations that puncture the mythology of R&B. Juxtaposing Eastern philosophies against sexuality, the Stank alter-ego, a unification of modern hip-hop attitude and old soul, allows Brad to tap into the flow of a deeper human mysticism. A blend of lounge lizard jazz and smoky blues, the essence of creativity and knowledge weaves itself into everything he produces. No wonder, then, that audiences gather to receive Stank’s sensual gospel. Remain tender.

In The Midst Of You Track Listing:

1. Midnight Tears I
2. My New Heaven
3. Flicker On!
4. Don’t Go, Don’t Go
5. Long Distance
6. I Belong To You
7. Natty Wine
8. Cry Baby
9. Midnight Tears II
10. In The Midst Of You

Tour Dates:

In-Store Tour:

01/26 – Rough Trade East, In Store
01/28 – Pie & Vinyl, Portsmouth
01/29 – Jumbo Records, Leeds
01/30 – Jacaranda, Liverpool
02/02 – Banquet Records, Kingston

European Tour Dates:

03/23 – Ideal Bar, Denmark, Copenhagen
03/25 – Paradiso [small hall], Amsterdam, Netherlands
03/26 – Merleyn, Nijmegen, Netherlands
03/27- Kantine am Berghain, Berlin, Germany
03/28 – Trix, Antwerp, Belgium
03/29 – Le Hasard Ludique, Paris, France

UK Dates:

04/01 – Jazz Cafe, London
04/02 – Strange Brew, Bristol
04/03 – Yellow Arch Studios, Sheffield
04/04 – YES, Manchester
04/05 – King Tut’s, Glasgow
04/06 – The Workman’s Club, Dublin

Album News

Craft Recordings Thrilled to Announce Titles for Record Store Day 2024

Craft Recordings announces their titles for Record Store Day 2024 available at participating independent music retailers on April 20th.



Collective Soul ‘Dosage’ album packshot
Collective Soul ‘Dosage’ album packshot

Craft Recordings is thrilled to announce its titles for Record Store Day 2024. This year’s lineup—available at participating independent music retailers on April 20—includes eight exclusive releases that span a variety of genres—from chilling cult-classic soundtracks and long-sought-after alt-rock reissues to jazz, new age, and beyond.

Among the offerings is a 25th anniversary pressing of Collective Soul’s Platinum-selling fourth album, Dosage (featuring the mega-hit “Heavy”), At The Drive-In’s electrifying sophomore album, in/CASINO/OUT, and the first-ever vinyl pressing of Filter’s The Very Best Things collection. Also making its debut on wax is the chart-topping Inner World album from His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama—a first-of-its-kind release from the Tibetan spiritual leader, which blends his spoken-word meditations with music from a renowned collective of artists, including Anoushka Shankar.

Other highlights include a sought-after mono edition of Everybody Digs Bill Evans on 180-gram vinyl, while film buffs will delight over the return of two cult-classic soundtracks, 1972’s Black Girl and 1977’s Orca. Finally, the acclaimed Jazz Dispensary Series returns with The Freedom Sound! The People Arise—an empowering setlist of deep cuts by Joe Henderson, Gary Bartz, and Azar Lawrence, among others.

Craft Recordings Record Store Day releases April 2024

Craft Recordings Record Store Day releases April 2024

A full list of participating Record Store Day retailers and more information can be found here.

#1 At The Drive-In – in/CASINO/OUT (1-LP, Purple & Green Smoke Vinyl)

#2 Bill Evans Trio – Everybody Digs Bill Evans (1-LP, Mono, 180-gram Vinyl)

#3 Collective Soul – Dosage (1-LP, Translucent Lemonade Vinyl)

#4 Dalai Lama – Inner World (1-LP, Gold Vinyl)

#5 Filter – The Very Best Things: 1995-2008 (2-LP, Mercury Swirl Vinyl)

#6 Various Artists – Jazz Dispensary: The Freedom Sound! The People Arise (1-LP, Freedom Blue Swirl Vinyl)

#7 Jazz Dispensary: The Freedom Sound! The People Arise

#8 Various Artists – Black Girl – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Reel Cut Series] (1-LP, 180-Gram Clear Black Swirl Vinyl)

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Cosmic Ninja Evolve Their Genre Bending Style on New EP ‘Filth’

Bristol rock ravers Cosmic Ninja evolve their genre-bending sound on their brand new EP ‘Filth,’ released earlier this month.



Cosmic Ninja, photo by Pacific Curd Photography
Cosmic Ninja, photo by Pacific Curd Photography

Cosmic Ninja has been taking the UK by storm over the last few years with their eclectic sound and raucous live show. The band has just released their most accomplished and exciting work in their new EP, Filth.

Their energetic appeal, disregard for genre conventions, and punk ethos have made the band stand out in a deeply creative scene. Filth is packed full of tracks that feel distinctive and
packed full of unique character while embedded with Cosmic Ninja DNA.

Recorded with John Mitchell (Enter Shikari, Architects) at Outhouse Studios in Reading, the EP bursts with energy and intensity throughout, melding impassioned political lyrics with dizzying electronics and huge riffs. From the angst-filled raps to the soaring, memorable choruses, the diversity and guile shown on the new EP are staggering, and with their sights set on themes like the political status quo, injustice, equality, and mental health, their message feels clearer and more important than ever.

A track that exemplifies the feel of the EP is “Stone Cold,” a track as dynamic and unpredictable as anything you’ll hear this year. Euphoric synths compliment a sound that skitters from groovy to melodic to spiky before reaching its apex with a colossal metal breakdown. Everything about the track feels laser-focused and precise, embodying everything that Cosmic Ninja is.

Filth is blessed with an abundance of similar highlights and moments of awe-inspiring creativity throughout. The powerful, socially conscious messaging that adorns these tracks feels vital and relevant, and the conviction in the dual vocals makes for a release that feels as authentic and pure as it does all-encompassing.

Cosmic Ninja ‘Filth’ EP album artwork

Cosmic Ninja ‘Filth’ EP album artwork

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Album News

Plutocracy Planet Announces Debut LP for Summer 2024

Born of the pandemic shutdown, Plutocracy Planet is an experimental sociopolitical super-collective led by Scott Morrow.



Scott Morrow aka Plutocracy Planet
Scott Morrow aka Plutocracy Planet

Born of the pandemic shutdown and mobilized by the world’s societal ills, Plutocracy Planet is an experimental sociopolitical super-collective led by former Alarm Magazine editor and musical vagrant Scott Morrow.

Fusing post-hardcore sensibilities with electronics, polyrhythms, atypical time signatures, and a far-reaching instrumental palette including strings, saxophone, piano, harp, marimba, acoustic guitar, and more. The ambitious collaborative project utilizes the talents of more than two dozen venerable vocalists and instrumentalists across hardcore, hip-hop, emo, avant-garde composition, pop, and more.

Greed, inequality, and the endless influence of money in politics serve as the project’s thematic focal points. But between a broad-minded approach and a coalition of lyrical voices, the collective’s forthcoming debut LP also touches on the cult of personality, fear-mongering media, police brutality, toxic masculinity, religious zealotry, factory farming, the billionaire space race, and the singularity.

Lead single “This Very Severity,” whose music video premiered at BrooklynVegan and is out now on DSPs, features emo legend Bob Nanna (Braid, Hey Mercedes, The City on Film) playing a slowly unravelling news anchor, relaying stories of our current fractured reality and an increasingly dystopian future.

Nanna says:

“I was overjoyed to be asked to contribute to the record as I usually don’t dabble in this genre or subject matter too much, and now I think I should way more often. Being able to collaborate on cool, important projects is something that brings me great joy, so being a part of this record was a tremendous pleasure. Please disregard my lack of dress pants in the video.”

Joining Nanna on “This Very Severity” are a pair of instrumental phenoms, guitarist Jason Schimmel (Red Fiction, Estradasphere, Secret Chiefs 3) and bassist Jonathan Hischke (The Sound of Animals Fighting, Le Butcherettes, Hella, Anywhere).

Morrow says:

“It’s unbelievable to me that I get to work with the people on this album. I’ve been a fan—in many cases a super fan—of many of them for 20 to 25 years. It’s a mind-blowing honor that they said yes, and I still don’t really know how the hell I convinced them .”

Plutocracy Planet ‘Plutocracy Planet’ album artwork

Plutocracy Planet ‘Plutocracy Planet’ album artwork

Plutocracy Planet Track Listing:

1. Prologue
2. This Very Severity (f. Bob Nanna)
3. But You Said (f. onelinedrawing)
4. A Simple Refrain (f. Matt Pryor & Swamburger)
5. Commence Mutation (f. Carson Pace)
6. Slaughterhouse Soliloquy (f. Swamburger & Drumcorps)
7. War? (f. Rody Walker)
8. True Crime (f. Angela Mullenhour)
9. Hours and Hours (Work Harder, Not Smarter) (f. Mark Rose)
10. Dance of the Downtrodden (f. Carla Kihlstedt, Nils Frykdahl & Jørgen Munkeby)
11. Remain Silent (f. Emily Jane White, Blueprint & Bruce Lamont)
12. Epilogue

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